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5th Grade Living Museum

5th Grade Living Museum

Lone Oak's Fifth Grade classes hosted their annual Living Museum earlier this week and it was an incredible show for all those in attendance. Students dressed up as a chosen historical figure, and came to life at the press of a button, reciting their captivating stories. 

Fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Baxter, sparked this brilliant idea back in the fall of 2019. Unfortunately, thanks to the infamous 2020, our little historians weren't able to perform. Fast forward to the first live performance in 2021 and the fifth-grade team of teachers knew they were onto something special - a tradition in the making!

The Living Museum isn't just any school project; it's a fun and interactive way to turn social studies into a living, breathing experience for our LOES students. Each student picks a legendary American, dives into research, and crafts a biography. They then summarize their research to focus on why their person is considered a famous American.  They don't just keep this knowledge to themselves. They share it with the whole school! After taking their place in front of their "button", younger students line up to hear the amazing stories their peers have to tell.

Watch the videos below for a sampling of all that our students learned while preparing for this project. We are so proud of all of their hard work!